Welcome to Online Bookings

Here you can book online for our classes at Queen’s Park Sports Centre and the Healthy Living Centre.

To make an online bookings you need to logon to your online booking account.

If you don’t already have an account, you will have to register.

To register a new account you will need to use a PC or laptop, once registered you can then use your smart phone or tablet to book classes.

BOOKING IS EASY! Just click on Classes in the left margin, select your site, then choose the date and time range you want to look at.

Finally, click on the basket beside the time you've picked and proceed to Checkout.

For more information/assistance please click on the links below –

To cancel classes/activities please email: leisureonline@chesterfield.gov.uk

Prior to making a booking for the squash courts please read Squash England guidance 'Back to Squash'.

By making a booking you are ackowledging that you have read and understood this guidance.